Business Analyst, Student Intern

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

July 26th, 2018

Salary: Internship + 0.05% Equity

10 Hours/ Week

What is the opportunity?

Scuto Events is looking for enthusiastic individuals with an edge to learn new skills, develop lasting professional relationships and gain entrepreneurial experience. You will be able to gain skills in a broad range of topics from Digital Marketing to Business Development and Management. 

Who will benefit from this opportunity?

This position is for anyone willing to gain entrepreneurial experience but would directly be useful for third and final year Business Students will soon be entering a job market, competing with thousands of other Business graduates. How will you stand out? With entrepreneurial experience.

Organizations are looking for individuals with entrepreneurial spirit, otherwise called Entrepreneurs. 

What will you gain?

Scuto Events is not just an Event Planning Startup, we are incorporating advanced technology such as Machine Learning and Virtual Reality to our platform to make the process of Event Planning seamless. 

You will be able to gain knowledge, see how we develop our platform from the core and learn many new transferrable skills which will help you with your future. 

This 1 month learning opportunity will not only help you gain valuable experience, but will also help you make a resume which will help you stand out, and potential for further employment after your work term. 


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