Thank you for Hiring with Scuto

Our Event Coordinators will get back to you within 1 hour.

Verified Vendors

Vendors are always verified by an Industry Professional before you are able to hire them. 

100% Covered 

In the event of dispute, you will be able to file a complaint with your Event Coordinator and request for a full refund.

Scuto Contingency Strategy

Scuto Event Coordinators always have a back up on standby to ensure a replacement vendor can provide the same services.

Affordable Service Fees

Avoid spending time and money on finding reliable vendors. Scuto' service fees vary from 1% to 10%. 

Event Planning Professionals

Our Event Coordinators have years of experience, and passion with what they do. They can help you put your perfect event together, or to simply find you a photographer.

Instant Bookings

Scuto has a network of over 500 reliable Scuto Verified Vendors, and we're growing, which means you will be able to book reliable vendors faster.


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