Scuto for Venue Owners

Scuto and Venues go hand in hand.

By Listing Your Venue on Scuto, you can...

Better Manage Clients

Accept Payments

List Different Packages and Service Types

Allow Customers to View Your Venue with Virtual Reality

Attract a Global Audience

Increase Your Booking Rate

Coming Soon To The Scuto Event Manage App and Website

Added Safety

Verified Customers

Rent your venue resting assured that the clients are verified by us. Renters are required to pay in full

Guaranteed & Secure


No need to worry if you will get paid on time - or at all. We guarantee your payments, all the time and on time.

$1,000,000 Venue


You're renting your venue to great customers, who could also be great partiers. No worries, you're protected for damages up to a million dollars!